20 Year Anniversary Exhibition
Hahndorf Academy,
26th May, 2017 - 18th June, 2017

The Artist’s Voice was established in 1997 when Hahndorf artist, Helen Lyons, sought the assistance of Mt Barker District Council’s Tourism Officer, Barry Wilkins, to inaugurate an Art Prize to honour the memory the iconic Australian artist, Sir Hans Heysen, who had lived at The Cedars, a property which adjoined her own just out of Hahndorf.

Helen wanted “a week where artists came together to study Heysen’s techniques and to paint.”
Barry was an unusual tourism officer because he had a strong interest in “cultural tourism.” He met with local artists who had staged exhibitions in businesses in Hahndorf as part of the Heysen Festival. These exhibitions later became known as “The Artists’ Trail.” Barry wanted to understand these artists’ visions for art in the Hills so an inaugural meeting was held to attract local artists to have a collective voice in the Hills.

By April 1998, The Artist’s Voice had become an Incorporated body. They held regular meetings in various Members’ homes wherein a range of ideas, details of exhibitions and opportunities to exhibit as a group were discussed. By 2000, a mutually beneficial collaboration between the Mount Barker Council, the Hahndorf Academy and The Artist’s Voice had been established. At that time, the Artist’s Voice agreed to upgrade the largely unused gallery upstairs in the Hahndorf Academy for use as its exhibition space. In 2001, members held a silent auction to raise money for the Academy’s Roof Replacement Fund. In that same year, three exhibitions were held and the first was opened by Barry Wilkins. In 2006, the AV members repainted the gallery at Hahndorf Academy.

Click this link to view a PDF of the Booklet produced by The Artist's Voice to commemorate their 20 Year Anniversary.

Past and Current Members at 2017

Adam Dutkiewicz
Alison Brown
Allen Campbell
Andrea Num Glover
Anna Herburt
Anni Luur-Fox
Annika Robertson
Ashleigh Lower
Audrey Kooyman
Barbra Leslie
Bernadette Van Eyke
Betty Anderson
Billy Clelland
Bluey Byrne
Bob Landt
Cameron Doyle
Cindy Hrvatin
Clair Hamdorf
Colin Rogers
Cynthia Schwertsik
Daniel Cazzolato
David Braun
Dave Smith

Dianne Carver Carter
Donald Richardson
Donna Brink-Reid
Felicity Martin
Floortje Costain
Frances Eaden
George Hackett
Gordon Thurmer
Harvey Schiller
Hayley Ledgard
Helen Lyons
Inta Alander
Ivan Pederson
Jane Mant
Janice Argent
Jeffrey Missen
Joanne Freebairn
John Wiggins
Julie Morris
Justin Pearson
Karen Windle
Kathleen Munn
Kathryn Schneider

Kay Bridge
Kit Neave
Kon Heyer
Kym Afford
Liana Vargus
Mardi Martin
Marg Talbi
Margaret Verjal
Margie Hooper
Mark Herburt
Mark Wilson
Melanie Fulton
Michael Bryant
Mikyla Thompson
Monika Morgenstern
Nita Clifton
Norma Brimson
Norma Mansell
Pam Illert
Pam Kouwenhoven
Pat Mepham
Penny Choate
Peter McLachlan

Peter Surguy
Philip David
Ria Willering
Richard Crookes
Rita Hall
Robyn Haworth
Ron Orchard
Ros Branson
Rose Hannaford
Ross Hill
Sally March
Sara Stanley
Stephen Skillitzi
Susan Sherrah
Suz Robin-Gadd
Suzie Fagan
Tess Magor
Valerie Grapentin
Vit Jurevicius
Wendy Sheppard

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