Statement by David Braun

My work is dominated by the power of line and its ability to describe and emphasize aspects of our visual world. It was Keats who wrote that certain things must come natural as leaves to a tree and In that respect, my artistic vision has developed in a natural way.

The search for ways of expressing an individual approach has been in the forefront of my artistic development and I have striven to find a way of creating a personal vision that expresses the complexities found in the environment that surrounds us. My work is referential in nature and can be seen as reminiscent of the Australian tradition in visual art which attempts to capture the spirit of the land. My devotion to creating strong narrative imagery which has a poetic quality reveals in part the emotional bonds I have with the land.

People who have seen my work have said that the intricate detail is incredible. However, it is not the detail that makes the work different it is how I emphasize the sweep and romantic impact that the landscape creates. The stillness that envelopes me when wandering through the bush is in contrast to the intricate detail I use to convey the imagery in what André Malraux called the voices of silence. Thankfully, the average picture only takes six to seven weeks to finish and in a good year I can complete as many as eight or nine pieces of work.

I remember someone saying once that art should attract your heart in the best way. I know that the imagery I have so diligently worked on over the years does just that as many individuals have spoken to me and expressed their admiration for the narratives I have so lovingly created.  

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