2021 Exhibitions

image by Philip David

Image by Philip David, Part of Portrait of Artist Dan Withey


RSASA Gallery - Sat 30th Oct to Sat 20th Nov, 2021

Self-curated exhibition of current and past work featuring a wide variety of styles and techniques representing diverse talent from sculpture, realist painting, abstract figurative, portraiture through to non-figurative to non-representational.

Kon Heyer, Peter Surguy, Barbara Chalk, Terry MacDermot, Kit Neave, Philip David, Betty Anderson, Bob Landt, David Braun & Ron Orchard


Barbara Chalk

Image by Barbara Chalk, The Lazy Dog


The ASCOT Gallery, Kadina - 7th June to 1st July, 2021

Works from the Studios of the Artist's Voice Artists

Bob Landt, Terry Macdermot, Sheila Whittam, Jann Makepeace, Peter Surguy, 
Philip David, Barbara Chalk, Ross Hill, Kit Neave, David Braun, Brenton Hill &
Rose Wallington

Terry MacDermot

Image by Terry MacDermot


Burra Regional Art Gallery - 4th Feb to 21st Mar, 2021

a conversation in a changing world

Barbara Chalk, Philip David, Rose Hannaford, Kon Heyer, Bon Landt,
Terry MacDermot, Jann Makepeace, Kit Neave, Stephen Skillitzi & Sheila Whittam

2020 Exhibitions

Hahndorf Academy
Retro Now

22nd Oct to 22nd Nov, 2020

Kadina Regional Gallery
Artist's Voice On the Road

11th Oct to 8th Nov, 2020

Moonta Regional Gallery
Artist's Voice On the Road

8th Nov to 30th Nov, 2020

2019 Exhibitions

Port Pirie Regional Gallery

8th Feb to 24th Mar, 2019

Goolwa Regional Art Gallery

13th May to 16th June, 2019

Stationmasters Gallery, Strathalbyn

2nd Oct to 27th Oct, 2019

Hahndorf Academy
New Works

13th Dec, 19 to 2nd Feb, 20

2018 Exhibitions

Hahndorf Academy

28th June to 29th July, 2018

Pepper Street Gallery

31st Aug to 28th Sept, 2018

RSASA Gallery

28th Oct to 18th Nov, 2018

2017 Exhibitions

Barossa Regional Gallery, Tanunda

1st Mar to 10th April, 2017

Hahndorf Academy
20 Years: 1997-2017

26th May to 18th June, 2017

Hahndorf Academy
Xmas Exhibition

6th Dec, 2017 to 7th Jan, 2018

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