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An Overview of The Artist's Voice Inc.

Since our establishment in 1997 we have had a close relationship with the Hahndorf Academy where we have leased the top gallery and mounted several exhibitions per year.

This program has allowed us to fulfil an aim of providing a contact point for emerging and established artists as well as access to visitors and local people.

The Artist's Voice has worked on the Culture and Arts Policy Draft for Mt Barker District Council and continues its role in advocating on arts issues. We were also invited to comment on Mt Barker Council’s Public Art Policy Draft.

Each member has a track record of art education and exhibitions apart from those mounted by the Artist's Voice Inc. Their lists of attributes include awards, public and private commissions, representation in collections and funded work with community arts projects.

Some members fall into the New Media category of work via their experiments and creation of works using computer technology.

Apart from works on paper, board and canvas, media used by members are ceramics, wood and metal, fabric, fused glass, printmaking, found materials and dyes.

We hold several group exhibitions each year. Some are thematic while others are linked with recognized events such as SALA, Adelaide Festival of Arts, the Fringe or the Heysen Festival.

Opportunities also exist for members to mount solo or small group exhibitions.

We Aim To:

* Provide a point of contact for emerging and established visual artists.

* Provide opportunities for artists to show their work through regular group and/or solo exhibitions at various venues.

* Share ideas, resources, experiences and enthusiasm at regular gatherings.

* Encourage best practice and the pursuit of excellence from our members.

* Raise awareness of local art and local artists within our community.

* Support local organisations and events through exhibitions, displays and demonstrations.

* Interact with educational organisations and assist senior school exit students to maintain an active interest in the visual arts.