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20th Anniversary Exhibition


Official opening on Sunday 5th March @ 3pm

Exhibition Dates: 1st March - 17th April 2017

Barossa Regional Gallery: 3 Basedow Rd, Tanunda. Phone: 08 8563 0849

Click for PDF of Sales Brochure

Peter Surguy, Cacoon

Wood Cloth & Found Materials, $ 1,950

Betty Anderson

Grapes, Oil on Canvas, $800

Adam Dutkiewicz

World Views, Acrylic & Oil, $2,400

Donna Brink Reid

Cognition, Old Foundry & Wood, $450

David Braun

Waiting Along Old South Rd, Pen & Ink



Margie Hooper

Bush Baby, Oil on Canvas, $520

Penny Choate

What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution, $4,000

Kon Heyer, Last Phase,

Metalic Stains on Foil, $2,000

Kit Neave

Trans-form, Oil on Canvas, $900

Ron Orchard

A Walk at Palmer, Acrylic, $4,000

Stephen Skillitzi

Australia Revisited, Blown, Cast Glass, Electroformed Copper,


Ross Hill

Bird Study 1, Acrylic on Canvas, $1,200


Suzie Fagan

Magnolias, Paper Clay, $350


Alison Brown

Kati Thanda, Acrylic on Canvas, $950

Donald Richardson

Spiral, Painted Wood Sculpture, $600

Pam Illert

Black Sun, $1,800

Jane Mant

Rainbow Day, Acrylic on Canvas, $770


Philip David, Once Were People, Oil on Board, $1,500

Cynthia Schwertsik

Her Shadow Knows, Archival Ink on Cotton Paper, $1,100 for series of 3

Lauryn Arnott

Red Earth Head Study 1, $88

Click Here to view Past and Current Member works for our

20th Anniversary Exhibition - 23rd May - 18th June

Xmas Presents/Presence Exhibition

Featuring a collection of works by our diverse members

which are small and will make economical gifts

Wednesday 6th December, 2017 - Sunday 7th January, 2018

at Hahndorf Academy, Hahndorf

at the Academy at 2 pm Sunday 10th December

Hahndorf Academy

Winter can be a contemplative time and this group exhibition by artists from the Adelaide Hills capture the essence of the season with mixed media works.

Betty Anderson Autumn Leaves

Wintering - June 28 - July 29 2018

Dialogue - 31st Aug to 28th Sept 2018 - Pepper Street Gallery

Suzie Fagan's Ceramics -- 15 other Artist Voice artists exhibited in this exhibition

The Artist's Voice Exhibition to be held at the Royal South Australian Society of Arts, Cnr North Tce & Kintore Ave, Adelaide, 28th Oct to 18th Nov 2018

Opening Event - 2pm Sunday 28th October - Opening Speaker Ashleigh Lower

Some of the works to be exhibited by the members of the Artist Voice

Betty Anderson - Flying Home

Betty Anderson - Follow Me

Betty Anderson -

Poppies Before a Storm

Betty Anderson -

Which Came First?

Philip David -

Les Gens de la Terre #3

Philip David -

Les Gens de la Terre #4

Philip David -

Les Gens de la Terre #5

Philip David -

Les Gens de la Terre #6

Donald Richardson - Helix

Penny Choate - What Marie Antoinette wore to the Revolution

Margie Hooper - Aussie Graces

Kit Neave - Night Journey

Peter Surguy - Butterfly

Peter Surguy - anno Domini

1979 Leaving Odnadatta

Peter Surguy - Roos and Shaman

Dark Matter Sceptics

Stephen Skillitzi - Mixed Emotions

Terry MacDermot -

Aqueous Sunrise

Terry MacDermot -

Dry Continium

Terry MacDermot -

Harbour Sanctuary