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We Welcome New Members

The Artist's Voice

The Membership Secretary,

PO Box 625,

Nairne, SA. 5252

General Enquiry


If you wish to join the Artist's Voice, please submit the following information to:

Membership Enquiry


• Name

• Postal Address

• Phone

• Email

• Areas of Interest - [Painting, Sculpture, Photography etc]

• Experience

• Qualifications etc

• Please attach CV.

Criteria for admission to The Artist's Voice

The criteria of work required for admission to the Artist's Voice includes:

Is the work submitted original, not copies of other art works?

In the case of painting, drawing or mixed media: - Does the work indicate that the artist has a mature grasp of media, techniques and composition?

In the case of sculpture: -

Does the work show developed modeling, carving or construction skills?

In the case of photography: -

Does the work show individuality of vision significantly beyond that of a snapshot?

Does the work demonstrate an original or individual approach?

Is at least some of the work been presented in a manner suitable for exhibition?

Does the C.V. show a level of formal art education or experience of professional exhibitions?