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Kon Heyer was born in East Germany and migrated to Adelaide in 1952. He studied to become an art teacher at the South Australian School of Art.

He has taught at various secondary schools and institutions around Australia and lectured at Balob Teachers College in Lae - Papua New Guinea.

Kon is a Fellow of The Royal South Australian Society of Art and a member of The Artist's Voice and the Red House group.

He has exhibited extensively as a painter and sculptor and has wide experience in curating, and hanging exhibitions.


He is a abstract artist. His sculptures are most often made from found objects and materials, positioned and modelled minimally to emphasise and honour their existing qualities and features.

His paintings vary in style from a structured and geometric quality to a more free flowing expressionist kind. His inspiration comes from within.

The process is both intuitive and rational.

The elements of chance, accident, incident and surprise all play an integral part in his work. It's like taking a dive into the unknown to see what comes up.

He divides his time working in his studio and 4 wheel driving in the outback.


Wood and Metal

In Memory of Trees (1)


In Memory of Trees (2)


Ph. (08) 8278 8892 Mob. 0407 227 776

Flying High

Mixed Media


Wood and Metal


Photo Collage

Key Note

Deconstructed Piano


Wooden Sleepers and Metal

Wheels of Time


Looking Through

Foil and Stains

Red Centre

Mount Board


Jarrah and Metal