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Pam Illert

Born in South Australia and presently residing in the Adelaide Hills.

Pam has taught at various High Schools in South Australia whilst also exhibiting as a sculptor and painter. Her recent works express a range of social and political concerns. She particularly enjoys drawing, painting and printmaking and often employs fragments of her prints in her collages. Her methodology is to focus on particular thoughts or concerns and slowly allow these to flow into more intuitive areas. This results in complex and abstract works which allow viewers broad ranges of possible interpretations.

Syrian Flower

The artefact 5.

A series of silk screened glass panels to be rotated and reordered by viewers in the processes of creating new images.

Bullet Vine

Chaos and Order #1.

This image and the following 2 images are collages of fragments of my own silkscreened and woodblock prints.They broadly reflect contemporary political circumstances particularly focusing on events in Turkey and Syria.

Chaos and Order #2


Photo Collage

Hagia Sophia

Black Sun, 56cm x 69cm

Camelia #1, Encaustic, 20.5cm sq

Camelia #2, Encaustic, 20.5cm sq

Vanuatu, 1.5m square

House of Many Mansions, 89cm x 85cm